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Values-based Education
Improving our students' capacity to learn, and their capacity to succeed in life

Why do VbE?

The school is a microcosm of the world. VbE is an approach that nourishes, and enables learners to flourish, making a difference to the world through who and how they are.
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What does VbE improve?

VbE impacts behaviour, relationships, learning environment, personal wellbeing and attitudes to learning and learning diligence which lead to improvements in academic attainment.
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What are values?

Values are principles that drive behaviour. They influence our actions and attitudes, and become our framework for living. They influence our relationship with ourselves and others.
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How do schools use VbE?

Values work in a dynamic way through developing aspects as diverse as leadership focus, positive role modelling and community values.
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What values are not?

Values education is not additional curriculum, a quick fix solution or something expected only of students.
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What is said about VbE?

The best way to judge the impact of VbE is to hear what teachers and students from VbE schools say about it.
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How do I find out more?

There are several options to find out whether VbE is likely to provide benefits for your school, none of which is costly.
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OFSTED's views on VbE?

OFSTED frequently refers to VbE in its reports, noting its positive impact in many areas.
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Who are we?

The International Values-based Education Trust (IVET) is a UK charity whose objectives are to help schools improve the quality of their education.
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