Embedding VbE

Co-operation and Unity are values that regularly feature in Values-based Schools

Schools that have run at least one full cycle of VbE effectively will already know the impact of VbE. Below is support to help embed VbE more deeply within a school's culture, processes and curriculum.


Mentoring School
Find a VbE school to mentor your VbE implementation.

Link : Mentoring School

Teachers Standards
Download the guide to help staff involved with values achieve appropriate professional standards of teaching.

Link : VbE Teachers Standards
(format: pdf, 231Kb,uploaded: 18/12/13)

Values Audit
Contact us to enquire about a full days audit/consulting on VbE practice and culture at your school. We highlight areas of strengths and make suggestions that will deepen the impact of VbE, in both the immediate and longer term future. Audits are carried out by quality assured values assessors. There is a minimal charge to schools.

Link : Values Audit

Values Audit Tool
Download the Tool to help guide you towards a successful Values Audit and attainment of the Quality Mark.

Link : Values Audit/Self-Assessment Tool
(format: doc, 77Kb, uploaded: 13/10/14)

Learning Walk
The Values Learning Walk is a tool to help schools evaluate elements of their daily and weekly values processes.

Link : Values Learning Walk
(format: doc, 120Kb,uploaded: 17/09/14)

Values Action Plan
The Values Action Plan is designed for schools looking to reinvigorate VbE. It provides an illustrative action plan that schools can tailor to their own circumstances.

Link : Values Action Plan
(format: docx, 22Kb,uploaded: 18/12/13)

Self-Assessment Survey
Take the Values Survey to measure how well your school currently engages with values. It will provide an opportunity to compare your current engagement with the past and the future, to monitor how effectively VbE is being applied.

NOTE: This is currently in development. You can use it to get a feel for the direction the survey is heading and get some preliminary information. Please let us know if you have any suggestions for us to make the survey as useful as possible.

Link : Values Self-Assessment Survey


School Quality Mark
The VbE School Quality Mark is an independent certification that a school practices VbE effectively. Seeking the Quality Mark helps schools to focus on the effectiveness of their Values practices and teaching, and is quite an invigorating experience.

Link : School Quality Mark

Staff Certification

The VbE Staff Certificate is an independent certification that a teacher engages with students, staff, parents, governors and the community in an appropriately values-based manner. The certification is valuable to teachers applying for more senior positions or moving between schools. Values-based schools will appreciate the qualities of certified values-based applicants.

Link : Teacher VbE Certificate


VbE Forum
Participate in the Values Forum, where schools discuss values-based topics, ask questions of values-based schools, share resources and advertise courses/conferences

Link : Values Forum

Arrange meetings with local schools to share values-based practices. Meetings will be of interest both to values-based schools, and is a great way for your non VbE neighbours to find out more about the practice and impact of VbE.

Link : Organise Meetings


How to Inspire Values
A book by Neil Hawkes that help staff introduce values to students.

Link : How to Inspire Values in the Classroom


From My Heart
Neil Hawkes

This is a book that guides readers on how to bring values into their consciousness, thereby improving their well being and that of their family, community and working environment.