Sharing VbE

Warmer, more caring and more understanding relationships amongst staff, amongst pupils, and between staff and pupils develop within Values-based schools

This section is for VbE schools who want to introduce VbE to non-VbE schools, and/or who want to share their VbE practice with other VbE schools. We strongly encourage VbE schools to reach out to local schools, and list some of the resources that can help.

Reach Out

Host meetings
Invite local schools to discuss values teaching. We are working with a number of other groups who help schools develop Social Capacity in their students, such as the Human Values Foundation, Philosophy for Children and Mind Up. Advertise through the Values Forum (below) to invite their schools to expand your own awareness of some really great ideas and opportunities for school to deepen the impact of VbE and its values teaching.

Run Courses/Conferences
Invite VbE schools and speakers to deliver a course or conference. Effectively run events can generate funds for the school, and help share VbE with schools who may not have access to local meetings.

Become a Hub School
Contact us to become a hub school. This lets local schools know you are available for them to visit to see a VbE school in action, and to mentor their VbE introduction and subsequent journey.

Link : Contact us

Values Forum Discussions
Take a lead in the Values Forum, answering questions from non-VbE schools, discussing VbE topics and sharing resources.

Link : Values Forum


Advertise your meetings/training on the Values Forum. It has the potential to reach a very wide audience, and handles much of the meeting administration for you.

Link : Values Forum Courses/Conferences

Arrange Meetings - Invitiations
Download an example invitation to send to local schools to encourage them to come to meetings you are arranging. If you want to use the VbE logo/style, let us know what you want to say and we can send you a formatted invitation.

Link : Invitation

Arrange Meetings - Flyeres
Download an example flyer to send to schools to advertise a course/conference. If you want to use the VbE logo/style, let us know what you want to say and we can send you a formatted flyer.

Link : Flyers

Keynote Speakers
Contact us for help finding inspirational speakers at courses/conferences you are arranging.

Download an example Powerpoint Presentation to explain VbE to schools visiting your school, or coming to a conference. You can adapt the presentation to suit your individual circumstances/interests.

Link : Presentation


From My Heart
Neil Hawkes

This is a book that guides readers on how to bring values into their consciousness, thereby improving their well being and that of their family, community and working environment.