Values in Lessons

Children need to learn an ethical vocabulary, which helps them develop an ethical intelligence

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Values in Lessons

Character Education
Geoff Smith has been pioneering a Virtues program for his primary school, Kehelland Village School, in Cornwall. It has been adopted by the Jubilee Centre into a program of Character Education, which is being trialled in schools. It is available below.

Program Website:
Teachers' Guide: click here (Format: pdf, Uploaded: 10/05/16)

Living Values
A beautiful slideshow from Living Values International helping students to recognise a number of values in practice, in themselves and in others. It includes values such as respect, compassion and simplicity.

You can watch here on the left, or on YouTube:

VbE Values Folder
The Values folder is a complete resource file of lessons and colourful display posters to help teach values.

To buy the folder, go to the VbE Shop

British Values
The government and OFSTED have introduced "Four British Values" that all schools are required to teach. They are:
  • Mutual Respect and the Tolerance of those with different Faiths and Beliefs
  • Democracy
  • Rule of Law
  • Individual Liberty

  • Eardisley CE Primary School has created a tool that helps schools to set out their values statement, gather evidence and identify impact. To download the tool, click here

    Dr Neil Hawkes has issued some guidance to schools on how to integrate the teaching of British Values within the wider context of values.

    Human Values Foundation (HVF)
    Resources provided by the Human Values Foundation:
    • Kindness
      Lesson plans for 4-11 year olds (1.9MB, uploaded 19/05/15)
    • Anti-Bullying
      Module for 12-14+ year olds (1.9MB, uploaded 19/05/15)
    • More ..
      Information and links about HVF and its programs

    If I Can..
    An online app that delivers a new value every day during the school year. Its purpose is to stimulate thought and discussion: Inspired by the poem If, it includes an If I can statement/image, a quote from various sources and an open-ended question to encourage reflection on the application of the value to my life. In the charity's Resources there is a down-loadable Schools Version, access to the If I can You Tube values channel and some value based stories. There is no charge for the resources. The current version is more suited to secondary schools. A primary school version is being developed.

    Website :
    YouTube channel :

    Selected Values
    Material to help teach nine individual values (including: appreciation, courage, freedom, humility)
    9 values (zip file, 1.2Mb, uploaded: 18/12/13)

    A poster on Caring
    Caring poster (pdf file, 98Kb, uploaded: 18/12/13)

    A poster on Patience
    Patience poster (pdf file, 123Kb, uploaded: 18/12/13)

    Poster on Respect, by Stepping Stones (Short Stay) School
    Respect Poster (docx file, 14.9Kb, uploaded: 28/10/15)

    Video on Respect, by Chantry School
    Respect video

    Teaching Values in the Classroom
    Resources provided by Don Rowe, and the Citizenship Foundation
    This is a guide that explains a methodology to take a morally rich story, and analyse it in three different ways to develop moral reasoning skills. Included in the guide is a story about Mr Shah. It explores the morality of taking something that is not yours. It provides guidance on appropriate and effective ways to discuss the moral issues; to take a wider philosophical perspective; and to develop empathy, by creating within the class a sense of trust, belonging and developing stronger relationships.

    To download the teachers' guide, click here (Format: .docx, Size: 2.3MB). To see the video of a class using the methodology, click below:

    Values Resources developed by VbE Schools

    Togetherness and Caring
    Living Values in the Netherlands has shared with us two documents on Togetherness, and Caring/Unity, which they made available for World Values Day 2016

    Caring and Unity (Format: docx, Size: 390Kb, Uploaded: 21/10/16)
    Togetherness (Format: pdf, Size: 210Kb, Uploaded: 21/10/16)

    Pupil Feedback
    Houghton Conquest Lower school have developed a "Pow Wow" to find out how their pupils relate to values.

    Pow Wow : Explanation and results (Format: pdf, Size: 270Kb, Uploaded: 14/07/16)

    Schools Values Book
    The Brookfield School in Herefordshire is an Ofsted Outstanding specialist school for pupils in Key Stages 2, 3 and 4 (ages 7-16), all of whom have a Statement of Special Educational Need. We are grateful to Oremi Evans, Headteacher, for sharing the following idea with us:

    The Brookfield School has a School Values Book. When someone sees, hears or witnesses a child carrying out a values-based act, or sharing a values-based thought, this is recorded in the School Values Book. At assembly on Friday, all the comments are read out by the headteacher and the individuals are celebrated and congratulated for their good actions. It is a beautifully simple and remarkably effective way to promote values-based thinking and behaviour across the school. Everyone looks forward to this event and it leaves the whole school smiling.

    Values Feathers/Golden Tickets
    Cranfield CE Academy have shared a couple of ideas with us.

    Like most schools, we encourage participation with and consideration of values at home with the use of our 'Values Feathers', available below. Parents download these and complete them and the values shown are celebrated in our Friday assemblies. The feathers are then used on our 'Clive the Crane' in the hall.

    Another thing which has had positive impact on harmonious play are our Golden Tickets. Awarded to pupils by the Midday Supervisors, for any value shown, they support the midday team particularly well in embedding values in their own practice and understanding. These tickets are put into a golden box, from which five are selected each Friday in our celebration assembly. The children enjoy the surprise element of these. At the end of the week the tickets are put into the children's home school links.

    Values Feathers (Format: pdf, Dated: 10/06/16)
    Golden Tickets (Format: jpg, Size: 65K, Uploaded: 10/06/16)

    Values Resources
    A selection of resources from Trumacar Primary, including posters, displays and a program for assemblies which is integrates with PSHEE and SEAL
    Resources (pdf file, 1.8Mb, uploaded: 26/11/15)

    Values Opportunities for Pupils
    A letter to parents of pupils at Trumacar Primary explaining an initiative to provide pupils with an opportunity to showcase their values activities.
    Parent's letter (doc file, 16Kb, uploaded: 16/11/15)

    Staff Assessment of VbE
    A simple form for staff to complete to assess the impact of VbE, created by Stepping Stones (Short Stay) School.
    Staff Views form (docx file, 21Kb, uploaded: 28/10/15)

    Values in PE
    Two year 9 PE lesson plans from Whalley Range 11-18 High School incorporating Values objectives within PE lessons.
    This Girl can SoW (doc file, 63Kb, uploaded: 08/10/15)
    Be the Best You Can (docx file, 39Kb, uploaded: 08/10/15)

    Values Cycle
    A structured outline of Harvills Hawthorn Primary School's two year values cycle.
    Values Cycle (docx file, 21Kb, uploaded: 06/05/15)

    Choosing Priorities
    A clever and intriguing 2 minute video, commended by Ian Gilbert, to encourage students to consider and discuss how their values can help to inform what their priorities in life should be.
    Choosing Priorities in Life

    Ideas from Loddon Primary
    Download a series of ideas to create an environment that raises awareness of Values. Created at Loddon Primary School
    VbE Ideas (format: pdf, 440KB, uploaded : 27/05/15

    Values Story
    A booklet for early year pupils to help them choose the values they want in their perfect class. (Created by Kirsten Brigg, Fetcham Village Infants' School, Surrey).
    Hedgehog's Recipe for the Perfect Class (pdf file, 1.28Mb, uploaded: 10/07/14)

    Values Poetry
    Some poems written by students at Coleby CE Primary School

    Link : Coleby Primary student poems

    Parents Newsletters
    Several newsletters from schools for parents, explaining the school's understanding of particular values.
    Values Newsletters


    From My Heart
    Neil Hawkes

    This is a book that guides readers on how to bring values into their consciousness, thereby improving their well being and that of their family, community and working environment.