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'VbE Solutions' provides a full range of the highest quality support for all types of school:


  • Single schools or single academies
  • Multi-Academy Trusts or Academy Chains
  • Schools in federations or looking to federate
  • Free or Independent schools

In addition to providing outstanding services, we offer support to schools in assessing the right action for them; whether or not to academise, which MAT to become a part of - or even to create a MAT of their own.


We are able to provide support for everything a school needs to implement their decisions. Our services empower schools to maintain all aspects of Values-based Education in the enormously pressurised environment that squeezes schools’ autonomy and flexibility.


With 'VbE Solutions', schools are free to meet their unique needs in a way that is best suited to their specific context. VbE is at the core of everything we do. Your ability to retain your autonomy and unique character is paramount, as is the flexibility in how you choose to use our services.


Wherever you are on your journey, we are here to help.



Why Choose 'VbE Solutions'?


Schools need to work with organisations they can trust. 'VbE Solutions' is a division of Values-based Education (VbE). Our objectives are exclusively to ensure that schools are able to function to their best level, underpinned by VbE, in an educational climate which makes it increasingly difficult for schools to be completely true to their principles.


VbE principles run throughout all the operations of 'VbE Solutions'. It means schools can rely on an organisation that they have been able to trust for years, driven by the desire to help schools achieve the highest standards possible, maintaining the wellbeing of pupils, students and staff. VbE is about supporting schools and students, not commercial interest.


Most of the services we offer are channelled through our partner, Judicium Education, who is one of the largest providers of professional services to academies and maintained schools. They support over 500 schools in over 60 Local Authorities and have a superb reputation. In Judicium, we have found a service provider which was founded by people who are committed to the concepts of VbE and whose principles completely align with VbE. Judicium understands what schools need to function effectively and they are committed to providing professional, personalised expertise. They know that the more effective they can be, the more school leaders can be free to focus upon strategy, leadership and delivering the very best education to their learners.


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In partnership with Judicium, we have the flexibility for schools to choose any level of support, from occasional to complete. We can tailor the support to match your unique needs. We have the expertise to help schools become academies, to set up a local MAT, or to join the national VbE MAT.


'Vbe Solutions' MAT Brochure 


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We have worked with Judicium for several years and have always received an excellent service covering a range of areas such as HR, health & safety, governance, legal services and school improvement.

We have used Judicium's school improvement services for the past twelve months, receiving regular visits and help desk support. Visits are always supportive but also challenging and Judicium have provided insightful and valuable advice as we look to grow our multi academy trust. I have always found their staff knowledgable and completely up to date with the latest developments in the world of education.

I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Phillip Hedger, CEO, Leo Academy Trust


 I have used Judicium for around 2 years. Their service is exceptional!  

They have a great grasp of the idiosyncrasies of individual staff members and situations. There is a maximum of 24 hours turnaround for replies by email. Should you require a rapid response, then phone calls are returned within an hour in my experience.

Advice is given by a trained solicitor or barrister, all letters are written, conversations scripted and a strategic plan agreed if required.

Judicium's support and their advice has been excellent. In all, the quality of service, price comparison and my experience of their advice, makes them the only firm I would currently consider. We recently went through a comparison of service and quotes when extending their service to a cluster of schools and again they came out top. I really cannot recommend them enough.

Claire Price, Headteacher, Chepstow School



When our school became an academy on 1 January 2012 one of the first things we did was to appoint Judicium.

It is one of the best decisions we have ever made. I have worked closely with Judicium staff on a wide range of issues including managing sickness absence, health & safety, conduct, capability, grievance investigations and resolutions, restructuring and most recently multi-academy trusts.

The service is not the cheapest on the market but the quality of response is exceptional, regardless of the advisor that you end up liaising with. Judicium staff have visited the school as part of the package we purchase and we have bought them in on occasions when we have needed additional representation.

I have no personal links with the company nor anything to gain from giving them a glowing reference. Alex Mehta is genuinely interested in customer service, he is humble and helpful at every opportunity. It was our delight with the HR services that prompted us to take advantage of their Health and Safety related services.

The influence of Judicium in helping to move our school forward cannot be over-stated. We have swiftly moved on several under-performing staff and have been superbly supported through difficult cases with unions. They have been a critical part of our school improvement journey and continue to be so.

I cannot recommend them to you highly enough.

Gary Watson, Headteacher, Tewkesbury School


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