A component of VbE is reflection, which will improve learning and behaviour

Development of self-motivation and focus are core outcomes of Values-based Education.

We have compiled a series of videos/webinars below of discussions about what VbE is all about.

  • Introduction to VbE
    22/02/17 : A presentation by Neil Hawkes, founder of VbE, to educators in Estonia introducing the principles and concepts of VbE. This is a great start point for schools and teachers who are starting VbE, and those who already work with VbE and want to validate their experience.
  • Aspects of VbE
    28/04/14 : An interview with Dr Neil Hawkes, talking about a number of aspects of Values-based Education.
  • Practical VbE - Part III: What to do to implement VbE
    27/03/14: Dr Neil Hawkes discusses with school heads practical ways to implement VbE in the classroom/school, with a focus on what he calls the fourth "R", Reflection.
  • Practical VbE - Part II: Why Schools Adopt VbE
    27/02/14: Dr Neil Hawkes explains why schools adopt VbE by exploring how it impacts on academic attainment and social awareness. He introduces the concept of VbE facilitating cultural change in schools, and how it can help helps schools achieve both their academic and also social objectives.
  • Practical VbE - Part I: Relationships
    30/01/14: Dr Neil Hawkes explains how relationships are the bedrock of Values-based Education, and explores how schools can develop appropriate relationships with students, staff, governors, parents and the wider community, for students to improve academic attainment and develop lifelong social and relational skills
  • From My Heart
    06/09/13: A webinar with Neil Hawkes talking about his book "From My Heart: Transforming Lives through Values".
  • Respect
    01/04/13: A well produced, engaging video made by Chantry Primary School, Luton, featuring students' reflections on Respect
  • Values-Based Education: why it benefits the education of your children
    19/05/11: The video is set within Washingborough School in Lincolnshire. It is a successful schools's explanation of what Values-based Education is, how it is taught, the impact it has on the students, how parents view the approach and what a school needs to do if it wishes to incorporate Values-Based Education in their school.


From My Heart
Neil Hawkes

This is a book that guides readers on how to bring values into their consciousness, thereby improving their well being and that of their family, community and working environment.