VbE’s Reading Policy

Bridget Knight, our CEO, has drafted an interesting connection between her school’s reading policy and her school’s values-based principles. Children at Eardisley CE Primary School are steeped in the ethical language of values from the beginning. Through stories,our assemblies and right across the curriculum, they meet, become familiar with, and learn deeply about a range …
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Sharing VbE mini-conferences

We are running a series of free mini-conferences on a variety of topics around VbE practices. VbE Quality Mark schools have been invited to share some of their most effective practices and innovations. The conference encourages questions/discussions with participants. For more details, click here

ISL Magazine article on Values for Cohesion

Headteacher Kathy Wood MBE has written an article in ISL Magazine on Values Cohesion for School Culture Success. She says ” The cohesion of values within a unique school community has helped us to embrace cultural diversity. It has demanded high levels of cooperation, flexibility and tolerance and most importantly, it has given us a …
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