How to Start VbE

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Successful VbE involves schools understanding and agreeing their values with the whole community, and creating an environment in which learners experience these positive, universal values consistently and throughout their school life.

VbE Training

We provide training for schools to introduce, refresh and deepen VbE . For more details, click the link below:

VbE Treasure Chest

We have a treasure chest of many free tools, resources and ideas to help schools who are introducing VbE. To access the website, click the link below:

VbE Self-Service

We set out below how schools can introduce VbE who prefer to do so without external support. All the resources below are free. To download the details below in PDF form, click here

The first step is to read the Blueprint on how to introduce Values-based Education. Next, consult with staff so that they feel a part of the process. Discuss how to consult all the school community, such as holding an event for staff, parents and governors to share the discussion. Then, once the process has been agreed, arrange for the entire staff to watch the videos below, ideally together. Finally, download the VbE Guidebook that offers specific guidance and ideas on introducing a values-based approach to the curriculum.

Getting Started

  • Introduction: Information on how to implement the Guidebook and Videos below
  • Blueprint: Details of the process to introduce a values-based approach to a school

The VbE Guidebook

The Principles of VbE (Videos)
Note, the password to access each of the videos below is: vbi

The Practices of VbE (Videos)
Note, the password to access each of the videos below is: vbi

  • Session 1 : An introduction to the practice of VbE
  • Session 2 : Defining a school’s values and expected behaviours
  • Session 3 : The Modelling Pillar
  • Session 4 : The Ethical Vocabulary and Curriculum Pillars
  • Session 5 : Practicing and reinforcing VbE Practices
  • Session 6 : The Reflection Pillar
  • Session 7 : The Atmosphere and Leadership Pillars