Online Training

This page contains a complete, free online training for schools on how to introduce a values-based approach.

The training is supplemented with some documentation. The documentation includes a recommendation on how to do the training, a recommendation on the most effective way for most schools to implement the first step, a VbE Guidebook for schools starting VbE a and suggested reading list that most schools will find helpful.

Supported online training and in-person training is also available. For details, click here

Tier One Training

Training videoVideo lengthDescription
The Principles of VbE46m.What VbE is all about
Ethical Vocabulary28mA language for ethical understanding
Modelling36mModelling values-based awareness
Reflection38mEmbedding values-based principles

Tier Two Training

Training videoVideo lengthDescription
Atmosphere40mCreating a values-based environment
Curriculum27mIncorporating values into the curriculum
Leadership42mValues-based leadership

Tier Three Training

Training videoVideo lengthDescription
The Inner Curriculum34mSelf-awareness through an Inner Curriculum

Supporting Documentation

The first step is to read the Blueprint on how to introduce Values-based Education. Next, consult with staff so that they feel a part of the process. Discuss how to consult all the school community, such as holding an event for staff, parents and governors to share the discussion. Then, once the process has been agreed, arrange for the entire staff to watch the videos below, ideally together. Finally, download the VbE Guidebook that offers specific guidance and ideas on introducing a values-based approach to the curriculum.

Getting Started

  • Introduction: Information on how to implement the Guidebook and Videos below
  • Blueprint: Details of the process to introduce a values-based approach to a school

The VbE Guidebook