Quality Mark Reports

Quality Mark assessments consider six key aspects of a school’s Values-based Education experience for learners, staff, leaders and the wider community. We set out below extracts for a selection of audit reports to give a flavour of their scope.

Ledbury Primary School, Enhanced Quality Mark

Ledbury Primary school has an outstanding, enabling school ethos, expressed throughout its culture. The ethos is founded on secure interpersonal relationships. The Headteacher embodies a deep sense of love for others, a commitment to provide the very best possible education for her pupils and a desire to ensure the wellbeing of everyone in her care. This positive role modelling is profound, affecting all members of her team who are exceptional role models too.

Ledbury has achieved incredible consistency across all aspects of school life. Everyone pulls together creating an ethos, based on the school’s values, which is truly lived. The children’s behaviour is exemplary as they feel safe and secure. This leads to high standards throughout all aspects of the curriculum, as evidenced in the moving school assembly (first time together for many months), the quality rehearsal of the Lion King, the quality of English in a history project featuring the Romans, the joy and fun of a teacher and TA performing a drama in their history topic about the Victorians, the nursery children visiting Forest School and many confident chats I had with pupils general who have a secure sense of self.

St Peter at Gowts CE Primary School, Enhanced Quality Mark

Ethos refers to the underlying spirit of a school, which creates the energy for the school’s culture to grow. The ethos of this CE school is deeply spiritual, which is reflected in the people who form this amazing community.

Before entering the school, we met a member of the support team who was coming to school to be with a child with special needs. Her enthusiasm for her work with the pupil was so evident in her manner and in the obvious joy she exuded for the task ahead. This positive, human-centric spirit was evident in every adult whom we met during our day at the school.

Featherstone Primary, Qualilty Mark

Atmosphere, climate for learning, the spiritual heart of the school, is one of the school’s many strengths.  This is a school where teachers create a can-do atmosphere that inspires pupils to be the best version of themselves that they can be.

Behaviour is exemplary, being promoted through excellent interpersonal relationships between staff and pupils.  In this multicultural school each person is highly valued for being the person they are.  The school’s Values Ambassadors articulated this so powerfully to me during, what for me was a deeply moving educative experience.

Rarely, have I heard pupils of this age be so articulate and knowledgeable about values and the impact they should have on their lives and the wellbeing of society. They were truly passionate, and I would like their voices to be heard in settings outside of the school. Their ability to articulate difficult concepts were witness to the way that the school nurtures an expanded language code of vocabulary, including the values words. Outstanding!