Students’ Values Conference 2021

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Students Values Conference 2021

There were two VbE Student Values Conferences in 2021, one in the UK time zone, the other in the Asian time zone.

They were created by students for students. They included contributions from students from throughout the world. They contained many insightful and uplifting ideas about what values mean to our students and how they see their values can make the world a better place.

The conferences are available below. They are inspiring watching for schools and students. And they are a fantastic resource for schools during assemblies or classes where schools want their students to hear what other students from around the world think of values. They may also inspire the school to create their own conference, with different classes or in partnership with other schools, to celebrate the values work they do.

Watch the conferences

UK time zone (22 October 2021)

Asian time zone conference (12 November 2021)