Students’ Values Conference

Conference Details, Participation and Registration

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We are running a free Students’ values Conference. The UK time-zone conference will take place on 22 October 2021, between 10am – 12pm UK time. The Asian time-zone conference will take place on 12 November 2021 between 10am – 12 pm Phillippines time. The conference is open to learners and educators from all existing and aspiring VbE schools and to any school that engages with values.

The conference will be delivered by pupils for pupils. It is themed around two questions for the pupils to consider. It will be introduced by the founder of VbE Dr Neil Hawkes, and our CEO Bridget Knight.

Schools can arrange for their students to pre-records a 5-minute video that will be live-streamed to the conference. Any school that is interested in their pupils contributing to the presentations should email us at

Schools can watch the live stream in real-time, or they can watch recordings in their own time. Schools watching in real-time will be able to send questions, messages and ideas to the organisers and to other participating schools around the world. The conference will be recorded so is not appropriate for any pupil who does not have parental permission to be recorded.

Schools will be able to recreate their own mini-conference, either internally or with other schools. We will create a library of presentations in a variety of languages which schools will be free to use within their own conference.

Conference Format

Session 1 (10-10:45am)

  • Introduction by VbE
  • Pupils’ podcast – interviewing VbE teachers
  • Pupils presentations on the topic of:
    How do values make the world a better place?
  • Conclusion

Session 2 (11-11:45am)

  • Introduction by VbE
  • Pupils’ podcast – interviewing VbE pupils
  • Pupils presentations on the topic of:
    How can you inspire others to live their positive human values?
  • Conclusion


Schools that want to contribute presentations to the conference schools should email us at the following addresses:

  • UK time zone:
  • Asian time zone:


Schools or individuals can register for the conference. Schools need only one registration for each group of pupils who will share a classroom. Schools that want more than one Zoom connection, where for example they are accommodating several classes in different classrooms, should register each class/assembly separately.

To register each class/assembly for the conference: