The VbE Team

Our team of Trustees, Consultants and Associates are wholly committed to creating Values-based environments in which children and adults are nurtured and flourish.

They have all been recognised as experts in the field of Values-based Education and are able to provide guidance, advice and support to schools looking to embed a values-based approach.

VbE Leaders

Neil Hawkes

Jane Hawkes
Bridget Knight
Sue Jones
(Lead Advisor)

VbE Consultants and Specialists

 Our VbE team of Consultants are all highly experienced in the field of Values-based Education. They are, or have all been, leaders of Values-based schools and are VbE Trainers and Quality Mark Assessors. They work nationally and internationally and support a large team of VbE Associates. 

Our Specialist Consultants are experts in their field and embed Values-based Education within their practice. 

Julie Rees
David Harding
Cori Bateman
Sarah Phillips
Lizzy Lewis
(Philosophy for Children)
Lee Batstone
Simon Poote
Tony Euade
Theresa Hoyle
(Positive Playtimes)

VbE Associates

Our large team of VbE Associates are a body of people who work to promote VbE as a philosophy and a movement in their own settings or organisations. 

They may host visitors, run VbE Network Meetings, work in Initial Teacher Training and some speak at values events. 

Joe Piatczanyn
Dominic Brister
Pete Sears
Jason O’Rourke
Simon Cowley
Sarah Phillips
Richard Jenkins
Emma Rossiter