VbE Conference 2020

The VbE Conference 2020 took place on 16 October. It was attended by people from over 20 countries around the world.

You can watch the main conference below, along with some of the workshops that were recorded.

Videos from Morning Session

Values-based Education and Values in the Classroom

Values in the Community


Developing a Values-based School
(Neil Hawkes, founder of VbE)

Using Reflection with Children
(Jane Hawkes, psychotherapist and Bridget Knight, headteacher and VbE CEO)

Developing Values through Outdoor Play
(Sarah Watkins, teacher at Ledbury Primary School)

An Introduction to Harmony in Education
(Richard Dunne, Founder of the Harmony Project)

Developing Empathy
(BASE Babywatching)

Full Conference Program

Morning Session

9:00amWelcome and Keynotes
* International Values-based Education Trust (Dr Neil Hawkes, VbE founder)
* The Impact of Values-based Education for the Heart, Mind and Spirit (Bridget Knight, VbE CEO)
* A Values-based Message (Professor Mick Waters, IVET Patron)
* Panel Discussion, Questions and Answers 
10:15amValues in the Classroom
* A Moment of Reflection (Bridget Knight, VbE CEO and Jane Hawkes, IVET Trustee)
* The Golden Thread of Values (Anne Philips at Headteacher Kingston Primary and Nursery)
* If at First You Don’t Succeed, Try Again (Jacob Blagg, VbE teacher at Ledbury Primary School)
* Championing VbE Schools in Nigeria (Wunmi Tolu-Alalade, Schools Leader, Lagos, Nigeria)
* Designing an Ethical Curriculum (Kate Smith, Ethical Education Consultant)
* Panel discussion, questions and answers
11:30amValues Beyond the School Gate
* Value of the Day (Sue Jones, VbE Consultant)
* VbE for All (Shaji Mathew, Headteacher at Divine Child International School, India)
* Empowering a Community of Hope (Charlotte Hickerton, Headteacher at St Peter at Gowts CE Primary School )
* Living Values in the Community (Dom Brister, Founder of Don’t Lose Hope Charity)
* Perspectives on Values in the Community (Julie Rees, Headteacher at Ledbury Primary School)
* Food Education: A senses based approach to supporting children’s health and well-being(Jason O’Rourke, Headteacher at Washingborough Academy)
* Panel discussion, questions and answers
12:25pmPlenary and Close Morning (Bridget Knight, VbE CEO)
12:30pmMorning Session Closes

Afternoon Workshops : 1:30-2:30pm

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Afternoon Workshops : 2:45-3:45pm

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