VbE Training/Consulting

Free Online Training

We provide a complete suite of online videos and documents for schools who want to introduce VbE. The training is designed to be delivered to the entire staff during two morning training sessions. But it is also available to individuals, new members of staff or teams who want to understand how to apply a values-based approach to teaching.

To access the training, click the link below.

Supported Online Training

We offer additional support to the free online training. This is a low cost option for schools who want a VbE consultant to guide them through the process of introducing VbE but are not looking for full in-person training. We tailor the support to your circumstances. This may involve arranging for a consultant to be available online at identified points before, during or after the online staff training session to stimulate discussion, answer questions for support/advice with introducing VbE.

For more information or to book support, click the link below.

In-Person Training

We provide an inspirational one-day training for staff. It is transformational, covering the impact VbE has on the quality of education that the school provides. It is practical and informative, helping teaching and support staff to understand the crucial role positive values play in the life of the school. Staff members become more aware of their own values; how the values they model to learners, have a profound affect on their behaviour learning experience.

Teachers and support staff will leave the training with the enthusiasm and knowledge to develop VbE in the school.
We also provide consulting to VbE schools looking for help with particular aspects of VbE, such as to deepen the school’s exploration of some of the many opportunities that open up when schools successfully embed VbE.

Training can be delivered either in-person, at the school, or virtually. For more information or to book a training session, click the link below.


We provide consulting to schools who have started their VbE journey who are looking for support. This might involve helping schools to strengthen their engagement with VBE, or to expand the scope of their VbE engagement into specialist areas of education and emotional/mental health.

For more information or to book a training session, click the link below.


We work with VbE schools to deliver conferences that help individual members of a school to understand the scope and benefits of VbE. It has enough content to allow attendees to understand whether VbE is right for their school and the most effective steps to take once the school has decided to adopt the VbE approach.

Conferences are delivered in-person, at a host school, or virtually.


The following courses are currently available:

  • Dialogue Works
    Dialogue Works offer training in VbE and Philosophy for Children (P4C). They are running a series of “Whole School Values” courses in October, featured below in addition to regular training throughout the year.
  • Oct 2020: Whole School Values, Whole Person Virtues
    A philosophical approach to school and personal development
    This is a course from Dialogue Works for whole schools or individual teachers who wish to look afresh at their educational goals and methods, especially in these times of rapid societal change. It focuses on the ultimate goal of well-being for all and shows how to advance that by taking a philosophical approach to everyday teaching, and to school and personal development. It is informed by the practical 7 pillars model of Values-based Education, and by the inspiring 4Cs model of P4C {Caring, Collaborative, Critical and Creative thinking).