VbE Annual Conference

The VbE 2020 Conference took place on 16 October, with people from over 20 countries around the world. You can watch the first session below.

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VbE Cafe

We are launching a new type of support for VbE heads and teachers. It is a meeting where VbE people can meet each other and VbE directors and consultants.

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Values-based Education

“Our world so desperately needs hope. The IVET Foundation is bringing this hope, by creating a movement through Values-based Education, which has the potential to transform education and society, so that we can live in harmony with each other and ensure the sustainability of our planet.”
Dr Neil Hawkes, founder of VbE

Photo: Ivana Cajina on Unspash.com

The Impact of VbE

What is VbE?

Values-based Education (VbE) is an approach to education for schools and other settings. At its heart, its principles are simple. Yet it has a profound impact on learners, schools and on the wider community. VbE has already transformed
many schools by giving learners access to an ethical vocabulary based on human values, such as respect, justice, integrity, harmony, trust and honesty. The structures below will help you navigate to the areas that will help you to either begin the journey of being values-based or embed it still further.

We believe we are at the foothills of a new era of education, one which is more in tune with our learners, with their needs and with the needs of society for a sustainable, compassionate and peaceful future. Our governing charity, the IVET Foundation, is working to develop this new philosophical framework for education.

VbE in Schools

VbE in Lincolnshire
Charlotte Hickerton
Head of St Peter Gowts Primary School
VbE in Leicestershire
David Harding
Head of Hinkley Parks Primary
VbE in Luton
Cori Bateman
Head of Chantry Academy

Why Engage with VbE?

School Impact
The impact of VbE on learners and on the school

Social Impact
The social impact of VbE on the wider society

How to Do VbE

All About VbE
What VbE is and how to introduce it to schools
Embedding VbE
Embedding and deepening VbE
VbE and Mental Wellness
VbE support for mental wellness of learners and staff

Support for Schools

Training, consulting and advice
The free VbE Resources database
Support from and engage with the VbE community
Commentary on particular aspects of VbE
Newsworthy items from the VbE world